Why Choose Timeless?

A Timeless Legacy

Telling stories about our world, our relationships and our lives is a fundamental way in which human beings create meaning.
The way you shape your story affects not just you, but future generations.

Reminiscing and recounting one’s life story can simultaneously enhance perceptions of the quality of one’s life, and allow an individual to be heard, recognized and valued.
It can also help one gain perspective about the roads traveled in order to attain wisdom and insight about life.

Our Caring and Thorough Process of Discovery

We are master story tellers, ethnographers and trained gerontologists who interface effectively with those over 60.

We encourage you to share your past, unearth wonderful memories as well as the wisdom acquired from all your life’s experiences, and to find the perfect memories, stories, achievements and most important photographs which capture this.

We are ready to interview you as well as any other important people in your life – family, friends or co-workers – who feature in your story.

Custom Binding by the World's Finest Binders

Each journal is an individual piece of Art. You select custom covers made from specialty marbled or handmade acid-free papers from various artists. You can choose the font, the number of pictures and illustrations, paper stock and more so your book is completely personalized for generations to enjoy.

Why Choose Timeless?

  • Each story is crafted with passion, empathy and dedication to ensure that it becomes a treasure trove of information and inspiration for your family and future generations This is symbolized by our logo: the heart telegraphs the product’s emotional significance and the infinity sign its uniqueness and timelessness 
  • Our experienced ethnographers interview individuals thoroughly to ensure that the end-product is fuller, richer and more textured 
  • Our interviewers are expert gerontologists who work effectively with seniors and tap into the emotions and the “heart” of each story
  • Our extensive prior advertising agency creative and research expertise enables us to access ‘special’ talent when developing our customized Legacy pieces