Getting & Giving Timeless


The Secret Timeless Gift

Many families, friends and organizations choose to honor a Timeless life with a gift of a memoir. We work with you to keep it a secret. Talk to us to find out how we work our magic.

Your Timeless Story to Share

A Timeless life told in your own voice. An eternal way to share your life, hopes, wishes, failures and successes for generations to come. We enable you to tell your story and share it with everyone you treasure

Classic Leather Bound Book

Nothing beats the gravitas of a beautiful leather bound book. Timeless delivers something that will be cherished and read for generations to come.

Digital Book

Some of our customers choose to have their book digitized for easy, cost-efficient sharing. We can provide you with a digital copy and even include your voice if you wish.

Timeless Video

We have teamed with some of the finest videographers to create the story the way you want it told.  Heartwarming, exciting, bold….It’s your choice.

Legacy Walks™ Memoir

A Legacy Walks™ Memoir can also be customized to reflect the unique individual for whom it is crafted. It is written in a style which mimics a contemporary newspaper article with an eye-catching, authentic headline, visuals and tailor-made content which speaks to the individual’s persona and interests, and/or a special milestone moment.


Timeless Lives Legacy Book

A singular memoir for a loved one, colleague or friend.  Every part is a customized expression of a life worthy of special recognition. Multiple copies and a digital version are available upon request.

Family Plans

Want to honor more than one person in your family?  We offer family plans that allow you to gift a personalized memoir for as many people you’d like.  

Group Timeless Gifts

We partner with corporate, religious, recreational and social organizations to provide a Timeless gift as a gesture of appreciation to a truly special individual or team!

Tribute Books

Not ready for a full memoir or want to focus on a certain time you want to remember and celebrate?  Our Timeless Tribute books are perfect way to capture your love in an enduring book or coffee table book.  We will work with you to tell your story and show the most compelling images.


Reminisce. Revive. Relive.

A story written by a Timeless storyteller really is the ultimate custom gift that you can give. It is a Legacy Piece and is the most sentimental biography that will sit on your coffee table as it tells your loved one’s personal life journey — their accomplishments, shortcomings, the smiles, the laughs and the tears.

You will find that it is not only a gift that you give, but one that simultaneously gives back to you and your family for many years to come. 


We believe that your loved ones deserve the utmost personalized attention and that biographical storytelling is all about listening and following the subject’s lead. We allow your loved one to respond to open-ended questions and to reminisce freely rather than just answering a Question Card or close-ended questionnaire format.
Additionally, the Timeless team is fully dedicated to making your loved ones feel comfortable so that they happily open up to us about their life journey.


Additionally, we see immense value in leveraging the reminiscing experience as a springboard for the revival experience. Studies have shown that reminiscing lifts one’s spirits, and can help an individual gain perspective about the roads traveled in order to attain wisdom and insight about life. Given our current complex COVID-19 environment, we understand that our seniors often benefit from this type of pick-me-up.


Ultimately, our team of expert listeners, storytellers, artists, researchers, designers and videographers will leave you with your loved one’s Legacy Storybook. Through coupling their heartfelt story with pictures and meaningful memorabilia, the subject and you can relive their journey a limitless amount of times. For a legacy is beloved forever. It is timeless.