Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Timeless Legacy Book cost?

The prices of our books vary based on the type of Timeless Legacy Story you want to have.  We take several different kinds of books starting at $1,500 and up.  Based on our initial free consultation we will provide you a quote for exactly what you are looking for.

How long is the process from Intake to Delivery?

Out timelines will come with your quote and we make every effort to meet every deadline.  From project intake session(s) to delivery depends on the nature of the project.

Who will I be working with to capture my Legacy Story?

You will have a trained, dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact for the entire project.  No strange faces, no “learning curves”.

Can the Legacy Story be about more than one person?

Absolutely.   We can create a Timeless Legacy Story for couples, families and even groups.   if you would like to reminisce about a shared event or experience at school, with your family or in the workplace. 

I don't have all the photos of places and events, can you do the research and get them?

If a picture of some place, some face or some event exists, the Timeless research department will probably find it.  If you want custom illustrations we can do that too with our top designers.

How custom is custom?

If you can imagine it we will find a way to do it (if it is both possible and legal of course).