Legacy Storytelling for you and your loved ones

Everyone has a story

We will help you capture yours.

Telling stories about our world, our relationships and our lives is a fundamental way in which we create meaning . We believe that storytelling can help you uncover this meaning in three ways: reminiscing, reviving, and reliving. By doing this, you can capture your story in a way that affects not just you, but also future generations.


Reflecting on and recounting one’s life story enhances perceptions of the quality of one’s life. It also allows an individual to be heard, recognized and valued.


Unearth a deeper and richer perspective about the roads traveled. This can help one attain wisdom and insight about one’s life journey.


Experiences may only last a moment, but memories and lessons learned can last a lifetime. We are here to chronicle them so that one’s family values can continue to be imparted to future generations.

The Timeless TM
storytelling process...

is a uniquely caring and thorough one. We have been uncovering life stories that capture the true essence of a person for over 40 years. We are master story tellers, ethnographers and trained gerontologists who interface regularly with those over 60. We craft each story with passion, empathy and dedication which ensures that it becomes a treasure trove of information and inspiration for your family and future generations. The book honors and preserves the humanity, complexity, and uniqueness of each individual. We are able to speak with you as well as any other key players in your life – family, friends or co-workers – who feature in your story.

Proudly display your life story on the family library shelf.

Each book is a customized piece of Art. Every time it is opened, loved ones will leaf through the stories and photos that best portray your life’s journey.

We offer 2 story formats

Legacy Lane Stories™

Legacy Lane Stories™ are customized chronicles for those who value richer, more textured details of memories and life’s experiences. While they take longer to craft, the final product is a luxurious, leather-bound book. It offers more chapters, expansive descriptions, and a broader array of photos.

Legacy Walks™

Legacy Walks™ are customized short stories for those who wish to honor treasured memories in fewer words.

They take less time to compile and are more affordable. Legacy Walks™ are quality hard cover books which feature less text and fewer photos.